Facial VeinsFree yourself from unsightly Facial Veins

For patients with vascular imperfections such as redness or facial veins that prevent you from looking or feeling your best, our treatments can help you.
At Waccamaw Oral Surgery & Medical Spa, we proudly offer a dual treatment service addressing these concerns. Laser skin treatments in the form of Intense Pulsed Lighting combined with a Radio Frequency device immediately eliminates vascular lesions of the facial area, and on other parts of the body that are not related to venous insufficiency, is our number one choice for facial vein treatment.

What is Facial Vein treatment?

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment, is designed to gently and effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions including discolored acne scars, sunspots, superficial pigmentation, and overall skin rejuvenation that can also be used to treat redness, rosacea, and smaller vascular irregularities. IPL is the traditional workhorse for the treatment of redness prone conditions, such as rosacea.


How does Facial Vein treatment work?

IPL treatments work to rejuvenate the appearance and condition of your skin.
Light emitted from our IPL is less focused and scattered compared to other forms of laser treatments. During treatment, the light waves are filtered to target certain cells beneath the skin. Light based energy reads a contrast and is absorbed into the cells and converted to heat. The heat then damages the cell walls stimulating your body’s natural healing response to rejuvenate the skin by producing new collagen and elastin cells, therefore improving skin tone and texture with reduction to any unwanted discoloration and redness. These light waves can also be adjusted and controlled to address facial vascular lesions. Although, ideally IPL tends to only minimize facial veins not depleting completely in riddance, we choose to combine treatment using a radio frequency device that provides incredibly precise results, immediately eliminating pesky facial veins.

ellman RF Radiosurgery helps to deplete mild vascular lesions from the face and upper extremities. Anything pertaining to vein disease, a medical condition, especially on the lower extremities, we leave to the vein experts. By the use of a tiny hair like structure, micro-insulated wire, ellman radiowave technology creates very fine, precise, gentle punctures into the unwanted vein. Using a four-megahertz frequency, only the tissue cells immediately adjacent to the wire electrode are affected. The delicate high frequency energy then travels the vein depleting it by a pulsed mechanism leaving you with a faster healing time. ellman RF Radiosurgery shows immediate and visible results, most often a game changer, when choosing the right treatment for facial veins. For more information on facial veins and our treatment options or to schedule a free consultation, contact our office today.

Is Facial Vein Treatment right for me?

Treatment of Facial Veins is best for:

  • Immediate results
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Redness prone skin such as Rosacea and acne
  • Vascular imperfections such as broken capillaries, telangiectasia, angiomas, and bulging facial veins

What is the downtime for treatment of Facial Veins?

  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Mild sunburn sensation that resolves in as little as 30 minutes
  • Little redness and micro scabbing to vascular lesions
  • Typically 1 Treatment, occasionally a second or third visit maybe necessary depending on the number of veins present
  • Treatments scheduled on a 6 week interval. Your Provider will customize a treatment plan for your specific needs.