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It’s a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling, but you no longer have to live with regret. Waccamaw Oral Surgery & Medical Spa’s PicoSure Tattoo Removal treatments offer a quick and easy, nonsurgical laser treatment that shatters the ink particles and eliminates for good. Whether it’s smoothing over rough surfaces, brightening up discoloration, reducing scars, or even removing a rash-decision tattoo, we can help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced Aesthetician’s today.

How does PicoSure Tattoo Removal Work?

Unlike older nanosecond technology, PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser delivering short pulses that zero in on ink particles using PressureWave technology. This pressure is very impactful, so much so, that the ink shatters into tiny, dust-like particles. Once the ink has been turned into microscopic particles, the body quickly absorbs it and naturally eliminates the pigment for good.

Is PicoSure Tattoo Removal for Me?

PicoSure works great on:

  • Multicolored tattoos, even on blues and greens
  • Black ink and blow-outs
  • Previously treated, stubborn and recalcitrant tattoos
  • Lightening for rework and cover-ups

Original Tattoo

Tattoo Removal

Coverup After 2 Lightening Treatments

Tattoo Removal

Remove your tattoo with fewer treatments

  • Average of 4 to 8 treatment sessions
  • Fast 10 minute treatments for smaller tattoos
  • Treatments take place every 6-8 weeks, typically. Your Provider will customize a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

This particular tattoo was previously treated, 8 sessions with older technology that left it recalcitrant meaning ink hit a plateau and ink resided between scar tissue from the old Nd:Yag 1064nm based technology, the original workhorse wavelength for laser tattoo removal. This gives a prime example of how powerful PicoSure is by breaking up scar tissue and shattering the ink particles.