In dentistry, damage to the jawbone, surrounding soft tissues, and tooth loss can present a challenge at times when determining the right treatment options. Without enough support within the mouth, dental implants cannot be secured due to instability within the bone. In recent years, a new form of Platelet-Rich Therapy has been able to offer a solution to these conditions.

Our blood predominantly consists of plasma, which carries red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are a part of the body’s natural healing response and assist in the formation of blood clots and contain hormones that stimulate tissue growth and speed up the healing process.

In Platelet-Rich Therapy, blood is drawn and then placed in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets within a sample of the plasma. This concentrated sample of platelets is then combined with the original blood sample. We can then inject this platelet-rich blood into the treatment area. This process can be combined with other growth proteins to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery and regeneration.

At Waccamaw Medical Spa, we currently use Platelet-Rich Fibrin, PRF, in a variety of dental and oral maxillofacial procedures with the IntraSpin™ system to aid in bone regeneration and dental reconstruction.

What is IntraSpin™?
IntraSpin™ is the only FDA approved medical device capable of developing high-quality L-PRF. L-PRF stands for Leukocyte-Platelet-Rich Fibrin, leukocytes are also known as white blood cells and are responsible like platelets for healing our bodies.

IntraSpin™ takes a small sample of your blood to create a blood clot that is inserted into a special centrifuge that can adjust the thickness of the blood clot so that it can be used on various surgical sites. The result is a strong, pliable piece of fibrin that can be reshaped and manipulated to suit a variety of areas in the mouth. It is also very receptive to suturing and considered naturally adhesive.

Is the procedure painful? Are there any side effects or complications?
There is no pain associated with this procedure and only requires a small amount of blood to be drawn. As it is from your own body, IntraSpin™ procedures are biocompatible and have a low risk of infection and side effects as it is made specifically for you and your needs–from you.

What procedures use IntraSpin™?
Currently, Platelet-Rich Fibrin Therapy is used in a variety of dental and oral maxillofacial procedures such as dental implants, socket extraction, bone defects, palatal defects, and more.

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